8 security tools and tips for journalists

Offensive security is a technical problem, but defensive security is a political problem. Nowhere is this maxim clearer than the realm of journalist security.

Journalism is one of the cornerstones that makes our democracy possible, but today journalists face constant digital threats to their ability to do their jobs as a watchdog for government and industry. Worse, journalists don’t tend to be the most tech-savvy people in the world, and they struggle to defend themselves. When journalists can’t fulfill their role as the Fourth Estate, society as a whole suffers.

Defending journalists–and, by extension, our constitutional form of government–requires journalists to do their due diligence by using best-of-breed security tools, but it also means understanding that in the face of targeted attacks by nation-state actors, journalists must pursue political solutions, not just “download a magic encryption app” technical solution.

With that in mind, here are eight security tips for journalists.