The Nexx Garage is a $100 smart-garage controller that adds skills to  your normal garage door, such as voice commands, remote access and auto opening. A close second to the widely integratable Chamberlain MyQ system, I’d recommend the Nexx Garage for anyone wanting simple, fuss-free smarts and compatibility with the voice-activated assistants Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 


The Nexx Garage system is compatible with most garage doors that have an opener motor (check this compatibility list to see if it will work with your garage door; I tested the Nexx Garage with the Chamberlain AccessMaster garage door opener). The Nexx Garage system includes two sensors for your garage door and one Wi-Fi device for your existing garage door opener. You attach the device to your opener with the provided double-sided adhesive tape.

Securing the sensors is a bit trickier. The Nexx Garage kit comes with two sensors. You can secure sensors with either the double-sided tape or a pair of screws. The bottom sensor attaches to the top panel of your garage door, while the top sensor attaches to the wall directly above it. The top sensor is wired, and that’s my biggest gripe with the system. You’ll need to run that wire along your wall or ceiling back to the garage door opener, where it connects to the Nexx Garage device. This requires a bit more ladder work to get that wire routed and secured. Adding more wires to any room is a big turn-off for me.