As spring finally rolls around and the frost melts away (except here in New England), the change in seasons not only brings us ultraviolet B-induced vitamin D, but also shines some healthy sunlight on the clutter the long winter leaves behind in its wake, including both at home and in the data center. With spring, comes an opportunity to reevaluate data center cleaning habits and question whether a more practical, day-to-day strategy would benefit data center managers in the long run.

Instead of enduring the spring cleaning process in the data center, data center managers should rethink their current cleaning strategy, which often leads to seasonal operational overhauls, and instead consider a new and more efficient method that benefits from granular operational data and analytics. So, with the spring solstice upon us, here are a few tips to enable data center managers to reap the advantages of “year-round cleaning” rather than looking for that old and tired broom.

Get rid of clutter by optimizing power usage

Just like cleaning out your house, data center managers can often find new spaces and ways to mix up their everyday routine once the clutter is removed. By leveraging cloud infrastructure tools, data center managers can utilize power profiles per server, rack, floor, workload, or application to find new ways to be efficient.

These power optimizations not only allow data center managers to reduce electricity costs but also improve business continuity by enabling them to continue or prolong operations during power outages. Energy costs are the fastest-rising expense for today’s data centers, and according to Statista, the average unplanned data center outage costs nearly $9000 USD per minute. Cloud infrastructure tools provide a bulwark not only against unnecessary power consumption but also costly downtime.