Disconnecting an app from Facebook is only your first step. Alina Bradford/CNET

I know you’ve probably used tons of Facebook apps over the years. You may or may not know that these apps collect data from your Facebook account. After it was recently revealed that Cambridge Analytica obtained misappropriated personal information from 50 million Facebook users, protecting data seems even more important.

Revoking an app’s permission to your data is a simple process, even if it can be a bit tedious. All you need to do is delete it.

There are two ways to remove an app from your Facebook account. You can do it on the desktop site or on the app. However, removing an app doesn’t ensure that you’re data will be removed from the developer’s database. You’ll need to contact the developer and you can only do that through the desktop site.


Facebook apps on desktop.

Alina Bradford/CNET

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Facebook account.
  2. Click the down arrow on the top toolbar and then Settings.   
  3. Choose Apps
  4. Hover over the app you want to get rid of. 
  5. Click the X icon.
  6. A popup will give you information on how to contact the app to remove your data. After noting information, click the Remove button on the popup.

Now that the app is deleted, you’ll need to be sure to follow up with the developer to get your data removed. Sometimes a message to the app is all that’s needed, other times you will need to go to the app’s website to fill out a form.

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