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Everyone has heard the phrase “Actions speak louder than words.” But did you know that this idea can be your key to establishing the thriving organizational culture you desire?

While corporate culture is often defined as the shared values and beliefs of the people who make up an organization, leaders sometimes overlook how that culture is effectively communicated through behavior and actions.  

Leaders must be intentional, proactive, and authentic when it comes to fostering an environment that supports the culture they want to cultivate in their workplace. Why? Because if leaders are not purposeful, the organization’s culture can become a “culture by default,” often dictated by the current workplace environment.

At Disney Institute, we teach business professionals in our training courses that an organization’s values often are formed intentionally by proactive leaders or organically in the presence of all types of leaders. One can have an innovative culture, a creative culture, or even a toxic culture, and it likely stems from the behavior and actions demonstrated by the leaders of the organization.

When leaders consistently behave in a way that clearly aligns with their stated values, the outcome is usually a workplace culture that reflects these same values.

At Disney Parks and Resorts, one of the areas where we’ve been very intentional over many years is creating a culture of safety. We have been able to do this by ensuring leaders continuously promote and prioritize safety through their words and deeds. When Cast Members see their leaders consistently demonstrating safe behaviors, the entire team can more easily act and behave in ways that also support safety as an organizational value and a critical component of our culture.

Want to learn more? Consider our Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement professional development training course, which exposes participants to some of our best Disney business insights, imparting new strategies and key takeaways for building a thriving workplace culture in their own organization. Or bring our team to yours for a full cultural transformation through a private initiative for your organization.

Think about it; what kind of organizational culture are you promoting through your actions?

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