IDG Contributor Network: Toe-to-toe with the Roosskies

In the Cold War-era movie classic, Dr. Strangelove, B-52 pilot Major Kong briefs his crew: “Well, boys, I reckon this is it – nuclear combat, toe-to-toe with the Roosskies.”  We’re not quite there yet, but it’s getting interesting.  In 2018 we’ve apparently reached another red line, this time, cyber.

On 15 March, 2018, the US Government imposed sanctions against 5 entities and 19 individuals named as violators of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) as well as Executive Order (E.O.) 13694, “Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities.”  Russia was identified as the bad actor responsible for cyber intrusions in our US election process and our energy grid, both components of our National Critical Infrastructure.

Once famous for its collective farms, the former USSR now has farms of another type, troll farms.  Among the organizations and individuals sanctioned is the Internet Research Agency, the propaganda shop that flooded American social media with divisive and hate-mongering posts during, and after, the 2016 presidential election.

The dezinformatsiya, or disinformation, campaign is alive and well in modern Mother Russia.  Thanks to loosened, if any, US media standards, we now get our news from the same sources that once created stories such as the AIDS virus being created at Ft. Detrick by the U.S. military. No – just to clear up any potential confusion – it wasn’t.