I needed a new cordless handset for my home POTS line. I wanted no-frills, just a phone. This works wonderfully.

Every decade or so I need a new phone for my landline. My former AT&T model’s reception had degraded so badly, from drops of both the base and handset, that I couldn’t move around the house while I talk. I like to pace. Pacing is how I can talk in the phone. I needed something new.

Most of the units I was seeing had VOICEMAIL built-in. I do not want VOICEMAIL built in. I hate VOCIEMAIL and rarely listen to recordings from even my best friends. My cellphone and phone service both offer highly entertaining and wildly inaccurate transcription of messages left on them, why the hell would I want to listen to a message. Most messages are offering me time-shares or other bullshit. Lately I’ve been receiving fake threats that the government will be placing me in physical custody. Voicemail… ANYWAYS… this unit has no recording service.

The handsets are light. The sound is great. The range is as far as I want to go inside my tri-level home, and I can walk around my deck and garden with no problems. I’ve even gone the 100 fairly obstructed yards or so to my car in the drive way and could hear my Mom the whole time. The rechargeable batteries are absolutely replaceable, but should hopefully last a year or two between swapping out.

The phone doesn’t have the most awesome set of ring-tones ever, but who cares. The find my phone button from the base station is the only button on it! Makes life pretty easy, so long as your daughter doesn’t hide the handsets under her bed and then leave for her mother’s house.

Anyways, I can talk on the phone again!

VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting, Silver/Black with 2 Cordless Handsets via Amazon

Image via Amazon