Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days. This week, a Georgia bill has the potential to threaten security researchers, and a new report says 77 percent of businesses lack a cybersecurity response plan.

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Campaign Possibly Connected to “MuddyWater” Surfaces in the Middle East and Central Asia

We discovered a new campaign targeting organizations in Turkey, Pakistan and Tajikistan that has some similarities with an earlier campaign named MuddyWater, which hit various industries in several countries, primarily in the Middle East and Central Asia. 

March Patch Tuesday Fixes 75 Security Issues, Drops Registry Key Requirement in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday for March is an eventful one, with updates that comprise fixes for 75 security issues and a change of tack in its patch deployment process for Windows 10.

Tropic Trooper’s New Strategy

Tropic Trooper levels its campaigns against Taiwanese, Philippine, and Hong Kong targets, focusing on their government, healthcare, transportation, and high-tech industries.

Our Journey to GDPR Compliance: Lessons learned on our way to May 25th

With the European Union’s GDPR date fast approaching, Trend Micro been working hard to make sure our already strong security culture and policies will align with the new regulation. 

Privacy Laws and Cybersecurity Sleuthing: When Worlds Collide

The pending GDPR and privacy laws could have a substantial impact on information regarding suspicious domains or potential cybercrime.

Georgia Anti-Hacking Legislation A Serious Threat To Cyber Security Industry

Security researchers are worried by the Senate Bill 315, created by Georgia Sen. Bruce Thompson, threatens to criminalize security researchers. 

Potent Malware That Hid For Six Years Spread Through Routers

Researchers have discovered malware so stealthy it remained hidden for six years despite infecting at least 100 computers worldwide. 

Detecting Attacks that Exploit Meltdown and Spectre with Performance Counters

Exploits for the notorious Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities may still just be working proofs of concept (PoC) or reportedly experimented on for now, but it’s only a matter of time before threat actors fully weaponize them.

Global Business Spend On Cybersecurity To Grow 33% Over The Next 4 Years

New data has found that global business spend on cybersecurity solutions will grow by 33% over the next four years, reaching $134 billion annually by 2022.

Former Equifax Executive Charged With Illegally Trading Before Massive Data Breach Was Made Public

Jun Ying, former CFO of a U.S. business unit of Equifax, has been charged with insider trading.

New Ponemon Report: Too Many Organizations Don’t Have a Plan to Respond to Incidents

A study revealed that 77 percent of respondents still lack a formal cybersecurity incident response plan.

How Long Does It Take Hackers To Pull Off a Massive Job Like Equifax?

How to steal 143 million customer records without anybody noticing.

The Story Behind Trend Micro Research: Security Surprises, New Risk Trends Seen

The report covers ransomware’s bigger outbreaks, thriving BEC scams and crypto-related cybercrimes.

Breaches Are Costing Companies Much More Than Money

The GDPR is reminding business owners that they’re responsible for protecting and controlling their data.

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